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executive coaching san diego

About Us

Our management consulting firm, based in San Diego, has experience in 48 countries serving clients in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.  Offering business consulting services customized to your needs, we are experts in conflict resolution, leadership development (executive coaching) and organizational improvement.  We love providing cost-effective, user-friendly solutions to heighten individual and organizational performance, troubleshoot complex problems and lay visionary plans for your success.  We coach CEO's, specializing in coaching executive life challenges.  And we coach sports teams and the professional athlete to effectively enhance their performance.

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In March 1996, Dr. Marshall Colt found the vast majority of human behavior and organizational development consultants spoke theory, with no real-world experience of what works and what doesn't (as he had) to back it up.  So to provide pragmatic, experienced-tested solutions for the human behavior management needs and desires of corporate, sports and government entities, he founded Corporate Psychological Management (CPM).

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Conflict Resolution in Work Teams (Workplace Conflict Management)

Executive Leadership Development Program (Executive Coaching)

Healthcare Industry Consulting (Executive Coach - Medical)

Organizational Evaluation (Organizational Management Analysis)

Applied Sports Performance Psychology and Motivation

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AMC Theatres
American Airlines
American Red Cross
AMI Mechanical
Anactics Consulting
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation
Bryan Medical Group
Colorado Anesthesia Consultants, P.C.
Colorado Rockies Baseball Club
Denver Broncos Football Club
Denver Fire Department
Department of the Air Force
Department of the Army
(Germany, Panama)
Department of the Navy
Department of State
(Indonesia, Panama)
Department of Veterans Affairs
Exelcomm Commercial Advisors
Farmers Insurance Group
and more

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  • "CPM's services were simply superb.  What really impressed us was how much you knew about situations we thought only we knew and faced.  It was a real stress-reliever to have you on our side.  Dr. Colt, in particular, seemed to have a sixth sense about people, the difficulties we faced [conflict resolution] and how to alleviate them with no fuss or angst.  We more than got our money's worth.  Brilliant work!" -- The St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company

  • "Things are much better.  I've noticed a marked improvement [in our leadership development]." -- CEO of an international aerospace company

  • "Thanks again for some great work last week.  It was an awesome, awesome first step [in organizational development] to some good stuff." & "Thanks for some great [leadership training] work once again today.  Your participation is making more of an impact than you'll know." -- VP/CFO of a telecommunications company"

  • Marshall, first it was a pleasure meeting you in Paris this week. I found I got a lot out of the [executive coaching] meeting and think I’ll enjoy working with you as well. The meeting provoked a lot of thought, particularly of what I wanted to do after my learning period. Upon further reflection, I know I am more interested in…and want to focus my attention there.  Well, before I do that, you’re the coach, what do you think?  Look forward to working with you." –  MBA, Ph.D. investment banker, France

  • "Everyone wants to continue on the individual business coaching you are providing. So consider that a done deal.  Let's also go forward with doing a group Meyers-Briggs identification and analysis of how we have to deal with personalities and etc.  This is all very good.  Thanks for your contribution to each and all of us."  -- VP, CSS of an international aerospace company

  • "It is going very well.  I have noticed a difference [in our communication skills] and other folks have also noticed a difference."  -- VP, DO of an international aerospace company

  • "...leadership coaching continues to exceed my expectations.  I believe that I am better managing my leadership skills and that I am working at higher levels as a direct results of Marshall's personal coaching....he has the ability to read people, and pinpoint issues that are staring you in the face but you may not recognize or want to recognize.  And he presents his suggestions very directly, but in a nonthreatening manner."  --  Director of an international aerospace company

  • "Marshall: I hope you had a great trip abroad.   Although we would hate to have your business consulting away from our finger tips." -- CEO of a telecommunications company

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Corporate Psychological Management
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Additional satellite offices in the USA, Europe and Asia

management consulting in healthcareWe strive to provide our clients the very best management consulting and sports psychology services in San Diego/La Jolla, Irvine/Newport Beach/Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver/Boulder, Cincinnati, Atlanta and New York.  Our job is helping people succeed and we love doing it.  Let us help you, too. -- Dr. Marshall Colt

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